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Jaco Beach Costa Rica, small town in Puntarenas pretty tropical town surrounding by mountains Jaco Beach is literal  bumming as one of the most Party beach towns in Costa Rica, is  ladies night every night in Jaco Beach  different night’s  so you have more than one option  at  Jaco Beach, besides the Casinos that open everyday and host beautiful latin girls, Cocal casino is one of the more famous, and i have to say that i see some gorgeous girls there all the time.

Jaco Beach Ladies Night schedule:

Monday:  is always Ladies Night at Orange Pub on the main street

Tuesday:   Rioasis has a Reggae Party and also ladies night  this is in from of the best western Hotel,  Los amigos is right on the town and is a great Sport Bar Restaurant (american food), great margaritas and gorgeous waitress.

Wednesday:   is at Backyard Bar in Playa Hermosa. That also offers surf contest on saturday afternoon, girls locals and tourism hang out on bikini beautiful sunset party.

Thursday:   at clarita’s they offer  ladies night and  $1.30  for a beer.

Friday almost open game Space, Le loft and Orange are very good party scene, and this ones allowed you to dress up, if you want. The girls are always stunning on hight heels and beautiful dresses.

And about saturdays!  PARTY is every where, so you can start whit great margaritas at Los Amigos maybe eat some good american food they had great hamburgers and them you can take a look and dance on any of the clubs near, The fancy Le loft right across street, this is one of the favorites for the girls and them Space on the same side of the road at just couple steps, and Orange is right there too in like 40 meters  pass Space.

Them you have other options before the clubs,  The pizza shop with a great New York pizza or surf dogs on the main street of Jaco Beach those are very fun they had games and the famous chili guaro shoots this is a very cool shoot, but careful don’t drink to many of those! LOl.

Bachelor Party Costa Rica

Backyard bar playa hermosa

Bikini contest- Backyard Playa hermosa

Jaco Beach Nightlife

Le Loft

Backyard bar playa hermosa

jaco-nightlife-space club

Space Jaco Beach

thursday-at Claritas Jaco

Thursday at Clarita’s






Guys Trip Costa Rica

Hey, hello everybody. Bill here, down in beautiful Costa Rica and we are going to go through the ultimate guys guide journal of awesomeness to Costa Rica, so anybody coming down her to party, looking to have a good time, get lose with their friends, meet some fine looking women and cut loose for a few days, we have all the information that you’re going to need here to make your trip a success so you don’t have to go through the learning curve of Costa Rica and experience all the difficulties that this country can present you with if you don’t have the proper consultation. So throughout this book we hope that you enjoy reading it, you find it valuable and we hope that you contact us for more information and to help plan your bachelor party, guys trip, stag trip, whatever you want to call it in Costa Rica this year.

Bachelor Party Costa Rica

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Guys Trip Costa Rica. Now here is a little piece of ideal information. We have a high season in Costa Rica, high season is when the rate are a little bit more expensive, it’s when we experience most of our tourism down here. The high season in Costa Rica is about from December through April and that’s when you’re going to have a little bit higher pricing on the homes and such. Another way to save a little bit of money here on airplane trip to Costa Rica here is to book mid week tickets if possible, that will get you lower rates. Also if you’re able to fly here for one of the major hubs in the United States such as Newark, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Washington Dc, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Shirley, Miami or Dallas, those are major hubs that come straight into San Jose international airport in Costa Rica.Guys trip costa rica 9002_n

and if you can fly in any of those hubs in the United States you’re going to be able to save some money. Now during the low season you can kind of expect the fall in prices around trip travel, you’re looking around 300–400 bucks from Miami, from San Francisco around $700-$800, about 550-600 from New York, anywhere from around $700 from Toronto up in Canada. The range basically for the major hubs in the United States is anywhere between $385 and about 800 bucks. Now during the high season some examples *** would range between about $600 from Washington Dc, $700 from Atlanta, 750 bucks from Los Angeles, so high season rates are pretty much around $500-$800 range. The international airline currently servicing Costa Rica as well as the United States and Canada include United airlines, Air Canada, US Airways, Copa, Delta, Continental, Frontier, Grupo Taca, JetBlue, Spirit, IBERIA and Northwest.Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 3.24.07 PM


Now we come down to the age old question, the Costa Rica versus Las Vegas. In my opinion there’s no comparism, Costa Rica is a lot cheaper, we’ve got a lot better activities, the chicks are a lot hotter, you can gamble down here, somethings are actually legal here that are not in USA or Canada, casinos are everywhere, drinking is all over this country, people in this country love to party, the people are nice, you’re not going to get the huge sky scraper city views like you do in Las Vegas but this is a tropical beautiful country just waiting for bachelor parties and guys trips to get down here,

Bachelor Party Costa Rica


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