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If you are staying in Herradura, Los Suenos, Jaco or Playa Hermosa, I will recommend you some of the best restaurants with out paying to much.

Jaco Beach offers a big variety of different restaurants, steak house and BBQ- Seafood – Sushi- different kinds of pizzas – Italian- the healthy green room and fast food restaurants.

Today I will mentioned some of the most delicious restaurants in. Jaco Beach.

Do you ever try a fish taco?
We’ll if you come to Jaco beach a and you did not eat one of this at Taco Bar. You Did miss it…. Is a incredible restaurant is kind of fast food but healthy and delicious, they have a salad bar and this is absolutely the best tacos in town is a world famous restaurant also they recently open 3 others on San Jose city.

Lest talk about sea food?
In my experience this is one of the best seafood restaurants on the area
Cardumen Restaurant in Herradura, this is a just short 8 min from Jaco, you will enjoy fresh food, one of the best plates that I personal loved is the yellowfin tuna with ginger definitely a good dinner ceviche is very good capacious, lobster and everything on seafood here is always fresh and delicious.
They also have amazing dessert also 3 different kinds of cheesecake, flans and more.


Casa Morales: on the main street in Jaco Beach Costa Rica this restaurant has a very good services and the food is always a time and off course delicious, ribs are the best.





If you are planning a Bachelor Party in Costa Rica, the best way to do this is with all Inclusive Packages, that way you don’t expend your weekend on the super market

or trying to call somewhere and the person don’t speak english or to many details and logistic on the trip  that it should be easier if you pick  a package that you like, or you customize your own , how you do that? well you put together a list of what  tours you would like to do or the activities that you and your buddies want, even the food that you like to it.

So it comes together with the House that you Pick, your Host guide,  even games or activities;      BBQ, Guess entertainment, Beer pong table, ice luge  Costa Rica Girls 3588_n


Also we can organize a Pool Party at your beautiful Home Rental Costa Rica, all this is possible we have all the local contacts and we bring you guys the best Bachelor Party ever, in Costa Rica