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Im watching the game and you never know what is gonna happens at the end, I hope Costa Rica do the Best. 

It looks like Costa Rica is having more fans, but also more criticism by the way the famous Maradona’s talking about, and he claimed that he does not believe or expected that Costa Rica reach farther.

This game is interesting I cant tell who is gonna win, but they are doing a great Job.

I find out a lots of comments on facebook and this one  special catch my attention:

Tanta crítica no a hecho mas que volvernos mas fuertes y motivarnos cada vez mas a callar bocas, hoy se siente el apoyo de todas partes del mundo y Costa Rica es el centro de atención de miles de millones de personas.

So much criticism has done nothing but make us stronger and motivate us more and more to shut up lots of mouths, today we can feel the support from all over the world, and Costa Rica is the center of attention of billions people.
Brasil eats Gallo Pinto today!!


And Greece almost made a goal. Thanks God they miss that 😀


This movie is going around the word, and more people is getting to know this beautiful country of central america, after the good roll on the word cup, not for less Costa Rica should the word a good participation after his confrontation with the the powerful and recognized Italia, Uruguay e Inglaterra.

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